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The latest Innovation on the Facebook platform: What do the new Facebook features mean for your brand?

Recently Facebook launched its reaction feature, which is an extension of the like button, on February 24, 2016. The new Facebook reaction feature roll out included 5 additional features in the form of emoji’s that mean the following; Love, Haha, Wow, Sad & Angry. While the feature selections will still be counted as likes, the feature will give brands targeted feedback from their audience. According to Facebook, the reaction feature is meant to provide users with more options to react to posts where “liking” doesn’t seem appropriate or doesn’t convey the right message.


1. New way to gauge customer feedback

Reactions will offer a new way to gauge audience reactions to your Page’s content.

“Reactions give businesses a glimpse of how people are feeling about the things that they’re posting”

2. Better understanding of customer base


The new like reactions offer customers multiple methods to share their feelings towards content.

3. A decrease in comments

Because of customers’ ability to express their feelings through the new emoji’s, company’s will potentially have more quantitative ways to measure user emotions through data.


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