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Event Recap: November 21, 2016-The CORE conducted its first EMPOWERED breakfast in Iowa City, IA on November 11th, 2016 at the University Of Iowa Athletic Hall Of Fame & Museum. The breakfast started at 6:30 am as the room filled up with young athletes and other professionals eager to hear Founder/President of the CORE, Bo Porter delivers a message in regards to “The Steps to Become a Champion.” Bo spoke about his challenging childhood and his walk in becoming a Champion, not just in baseball but through his philanthropy work, reaching back and helping others. Success for Bo has been no easy road, but hard work, determination, desire, and discipline have guided Bo to the place in his career that he’s at today.

There is no elevator to becoming a Champion in sports, life or business. Champions are willing to start at the bottom, climb the stairs and conquer each level on their way to the top.”  -Bo Porter-

The breakfast lasted for 2 hours, but the words Bo delivered to the young athletes will assist them in blossoming into great professionals.

In addition to Bo hosting the CORE EMPOWERED Breakfast at the University of Iowa, Bo has released his latest book “The End Game,” a follow-up to the principles Bo spoke about during the breakfast. Bo analyzes what Real Excellence in sports and life looks like.

The CORE will be hosting a series of EMPOWERED Breakfasts and events in 2017, to find out more information or to inquire about sponsorship visit www.thecoreofmen.com .

Acknowledgment: The event was sponsored by Hills Bank & Trust, Hy-vee and Black & Gold Properties.

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