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Shanna A. Jefferson’s book “Be Bodacious: A 30-Day Challenge for Entrepreneurs to Elevate Your Life”

Shanna A. Jefferson MSW, CFSW, LCSW, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Life Coach, Author and Speaker releases her 3rd book “Be Bodacious”

For entrepreneurs looking to transcend to the next level both professionally and spiritually, “Be Bodacious,” is a must-read. On Friday, September 15, 2017, author Shanna A. Jefferson MSW, CFSW, LCSW, released “Be Bodacious,” a 30-day challenge designed to guide the aspiring and emerging entrepreneur through 30 days of focused work that will elevate your spirit, business, and health. To “Be Bodacious,” is to reach a state of nirvana, in which you Detox your Life of negative people and things, nurture your mind and body through Self-Care, build an entrepreneurial mindset, described in the book as Bossing Up, create a Motivation Mindset, and take time to Celebrate your accomplishments.


Ms. Jefferson is no stranger to hard-work and entrepreneurship; she is the daughter of Civil Rights Activist George M. Jefferson and currently operates a behavioral health organization with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, as well as a non-profit organization with a scholarship fund in her Father’s memory. Ms. Jefferson has a passion for giving back to the community; in addition to running a non-profit organization Ms. Jefferson also speaks publically at schools, organizations, conferences, and workshops about topics related to Mental Health, Success and unleashing your Greatness.

To order a copy of the book “Be Bodacious” or secure Ms. Jefferson for your next speaking engagement visit the website at www.shannajefferson.com or email pr@shannajefferson.com.


About the Author – Ms. Jefferson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her bachelors of Public Policy with a concentration in Social Welfare Policy and Minor in Social and Economic Justice from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also earned a Masters of Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has over 10 years of experience in the Mental Health/Substance Abuse field. Ms. Jefferson has acquired several certifications including Financial Social Work, Motivational Interviewing, and Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (MAPP). As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ms. Jefferson implements a Strength-Based perspective.

Ms. Jefferson is a native of Allendale, SC.

Connect with Shanna Jefferson on social media:

Facebook: https: facebook.com/entrepreneurshannajefferson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shannajefferson/

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